We are located in the IT Corridor – Old Mahabalipuram Road, inside D.B. Jain College. Our location has easy access to nearby areas like Thiruvanmayur, Velachery and Sholinganallur.

Our experienced team of coaches and instructors train players to improve their game levels and to ultimately be successful players at the highest individual and team competitions. All coaches & fitness trainers regularly upgrade their skills through special programs/ courses/ workshops organized by national and international entities.

All Coaches and Fitness trainers are mindful and disciplined towards laying a solid foundation for the development of the Academy. Our team is complete with qualified physical trainers to round up the development of our trainees.

Competitive Edge – USA College Placement Services.

My process and the service I provide .

  • Eligibility. This is a big one. We help ensure you are eligible – the NCAA has very strict athletic and academic rules, and many student athletes unintentionally become jeopardize their eligibility for a variety of reasons. We help make sure you navigate the process according to the rules and we also verify your registration with the NCAA eligibility center
  • Visibility among all the college tennis coaches. In addition to our relationships with a number of coaches, we have the ability to send out a customer player profile to ALL coaches as well as put it on our website
  • Recruiting video. We edit the video to make it as effective as possible, optimizing it based on what coaches are looking for.
  • Help choosing the right school. We arm you with information and guidance to choose the school that is best for you. Throughout the process, we provide a summary of schools that are interested in you and make recommendations based on school rankings (academically and athletic), campus life and culture, what we’ve heard from other athletes, coaches and their coaching style, etc. In many situations we arrange official visits with universities so that you can meet the coach in person and see the campus. This is usually a major part of the decision process for student athletes. Note that you have to comply with certain rules in order to go on an official visits, so we help make sure all of this is done according to NCAA rules.
  • Communication with coaches. We put you in touch with coaches and arm you with info and advice to prepare you for the conversation. 
  • School application process. We provide you with a personalized, clear roadmap of everything you need to do to apply, and when. Every student athlete’s situation is different, so we adapt this based on your needs. This includes guidance and support around the following: 
    • Preparing and registering for mandatory tests like the SAT/ACT.
    • Your application to the university (transcripts, letter of recommendation, Credit evaluation Bureau,etc)
    • Health insurance
    • The VISA process (SEVIS form, DS-160 form, affidavit of financial support, bank statement, etc)
  • Support throughout your entire college career. Our service does not end when a student goes to a university. We are there for guidance and support throughout the entire college career and can help with a school transfer if a transfer is needed.
  • Our fees are US dollars 3000 and is to be paid upfront before we start the process .I guarantee placement with either a partial or full scholarship failing which the money will be returned after retaining the application amount of 200 USD.We do stand by this amount considering the time we put in to the process and the result you will get. If interested a zoom meeting can be arranged to answer all questions you may have about the process before we begin .

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