About Baseline Tennis Academy

Baseline Tennis Academy – Chennai, has been started with the purpose for catering to the needs of the raw beginner to the aspiring
International level players and everyone in-between.

Baseline Tennis Academy strives to create an atmosphere, which would bring out the best in the students rather than just being another
activity for them. We help the students love the sport first before forcing the technique on them.
It is easier to bring out the best in each of the students if their interest in the sport is first kindled.
We provide complete Tennis solution to a player who has the heart, desire, talent & Zeal to become a true World Class Professional.

We create a more comfortable atmosphere even for the adult beginner to try and learn the sports, especially in the weekends.

We organize International, National and State Level Tennis Tournaments on a regular basis every year.
Find sponsors, for talented players who cannot afford the expenses involved while training, for teams
traveling to domestic and international tournaments and equipment sponsor for players.

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